Arts projects that improve health and wellbeing through creating high quality environments.

COMING SOON: Final report for the The Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust (SATH), Photography Commission and Community Exhibition.
Award winning project A Walk in the Park is an intelligent, playful and sensitive transformation of a clinical environment. Commissioned by Walsall Manor Hospital to develop their X-Ray rooms, ...
Redwoods Centre is a new mental health facility in Shrewsbury, which has taken integrated art and design into the structure and the ethos of the building and service, which it offers.
A community project which has made a commitment in ensuring the arts are a fundamental part of the Marie Curie Hospice building and the services it provides.
Voices Through Corridors is a creative project documenting the changes at the Manor Hospital in Walsall and using heritage activities to ensure the thoughts, experiences and memories of people who ...
Aesthetically enhancing a bespoke medical unit used for children who are involved in safeguarding issues.