Information about upcoming events plus notes and presentations from past events.

Arts Outside is a West Midlands Participatory Arts Forum (WMPAF) event for artists, arts organisations and anyone with an interest in participatory and community arts. The day is an ...
Wolverhampton Art Gallery offers you a chance to see and discuss their Art and Conflict collection in this special lunchtime event.
Join our  Artist Champion for Therapeutic Practices in Arts & Health, Jane Sutcliffe , at this special one-day conference  Arts in Health, Arts Therapies & Therapeutic Practice - Mapping ...
The Arts in Our Hospitals Roadshow event at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital took place on 7 November 2013, and was aimed at helping to shape the future of art in the hospital buildings. 
Training opportunity offered by the New Vic Theatre and Keele University.
In November, Warwickshire Arts and Health network ran the event Good Practice: Arts and Mental Health.