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A Charter for Arts, Health & Wellbeing

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Since 2010, Creative Health has been working to developĀ a Charter for Arts and Health with the National Alliance for Arts, Health and Wellbeing.

Project Information

Since 2010, Creative Health have been working with other organisations from across England to develop a new national voice for arts and health. The National Alliance launched in autumn 2012 and will aim to provide a clear and focused voice to articulate the role creativity can play in health and wellbeing. Over the past forty years, a huge range of arts and health work has developed in the UK, the National Alliance will seek to represent this work, to advocate on its behalf, to encourage the use of the arts by health and social care providers and to raise standards in this sector.

Supported by Arts Council England, this work has involved the development of a Charter for Arts, Health and Wellbeing, which can be seen here.


Related Information

praXis is one of ten regional organisations that are working together to establish a new, National Alliance for arts and health. As part of this process, a series of events took place across England to develop a Charter to set out the mutual values for those working in arts, health and wellbeing and embody the founding principles for a National Alliance.

This event addressed a series of questions being debated at other regional events: Why are the arts important to health and wellbeing? How do the arts contribute to the health and wellbeing of individuals and communities? How do we maximise the impact and value of the arts?

Contributors included Damian Hebron, Director of the London Arts and Health Forum and Kate Broom, Course Director MA Art, Health and Wellbeing at Birmingham City University.

To view the report into the findings of this and other events please go to Related Information. All the information we have gathered will be sent to the National Alliance for Arts Health and Wellbeing to inform the National Charter. More information about the Charter process is available here

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to download Maximising the Impact of Arts & Health work: The Quality Debate by Kate Gant

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