Case Studies

Get It On

  • Artist(s):
    Catcher Media
  • Artform(s):
    Digital media, drama, filmmaking and creative writing
  • Commissioner(s):
    Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust, Walsall Council Creative Development Team
  • Venue(s):
    Pool Hayes Community School
  • Health Need(s):
    Sex and Relationships Education
A DVD and accompanying resources tackling a wide range of SRE issue which would appeal to young people.

Project Information

Catcher Media has developed an innovative project to create SRE resources with Pool Hayes Arts and Community School with support from Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust and Walsall Council Creative Development Team. During five workshops with fifteen 16 to 18 year-olds they developed a script for the DVD and accompanying resources to tackle a wide range of SRE issues and which would appeal to young people. SRE issues, which the resource needed to cover, included sexual health, peer pressure, difficulties in being a young parent, Internet grooming, risky behaviours, underage sex and developing confidence in relationships.

The young people used a wide range of art forms including drama, filmmaking and creative writing. A health worker supported the workshop sessions. Through this process, they contributed to a final script, which incorporated these issues, and which they were all involved in producing. They developed characters which characterised the main themes, and the entire group were given the opportunity to have a role in DVD.The young people were involved in all aspects of creative planning, and despite the sensitive topics, the atmosphere remained upbeat and engaged.

Working at the Wolverhampton Uni campus in Walsall, the group filmed the DVD and had an opportunity to learn about opportunities in the creative industries. The young people had an opportunity to critique their work at script stage and once it had been edited. DVDs have now been sent to all schools in Walsall for teaching Key Stage 5 along with relevant local signposting information and resources.

Evaluation showed that participating in the project had made a significant impact on participant’s lives. Many said that by participating in the project they had learned life skills, and the project would effect how they made decisions about sex and relationships in the future. For others, they said the process helped improve their confidence and two participants chose to continue to study drama at University level. Teachers said the project helped the young people develop better relationships amongst their peers. Feedback to the resource has been incredibly positive and many have remarked that it is better than what they would normally see in school, as it is so realistic.

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Project participant:
"Before doing this project I was quite uncomfortable with how I looked and how my body looked, but following the workshops before the filming I noticed that everyone else in the group felt the same and were wondering ‘what is normal’ which is the theme we used throughout the film."

Project Participant:
"I have nominated this as it is an educational and informative DVD, the messages are put across subtly and it covers a wide range of issues related to the topic 'sex education'."