Case Studies

My Life

  • Artist(s):
    Helen Sweeting
  • Artform(s):
  • Commissioner(s):
    Looked After Children's Services & Wolverhampton Art Gallery
  • Funder(s):
    Looked After Children's Services, Wolverhampton Art Gallery & Renaissance West Midlands
  • Venue(s):
    Wolverhampton Art Gallery
  • Duration:
    One-week for workshops following by an exhibition which ran for one-month
  • Health Need(s):
    Mental health and wellbeing of young people in care
Looked After Children’s Services wanted to dispel myths about what it is like to be in care.

Project Information

Looked After Children’s Services came to Wolverhampton Art Gallery for help finding an artist to work with their young people on a photography project. They wanted to dispel myths about what it is like to be in care. The young people created the images which were shown in an exhibition at the gallery and included in a booklet which is given to stakeholders as an advocacy document.

The young people worked with artist Helen Sweeting in the school Summer holidays. They learnt how to use digital SLR cameras and initially practiced taking images of their precious objects using depth of field. They then decided what aspect of being in care they wanted to depict. They worked in sketchbooks recording their ideas and techniques using photographs, drawings and words. After taking their images representing their life in care they took part in a joint selection process. Each young person had a piece of work professionally printed and hung in the gallery.

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