Case Studies

Burns Centre Queen Elizabeth Hospital

  • Artist(s):
    Dominic Pote
  • Artform(s):
  • Commissioner(s):
    University Hospital Birmingham
  • Funder(s):
    University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust
  • Venue(s):
    Burns Centre at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham
  • Duration:
    Installed May 2012
  • Health Need(s):
    Hospital burns centre

This case study focuses on the artwork developed by photographer Dominic Pote to bring life to the walls of the new Burns Centre at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham

Project Information

Dominic Pote was commissioned to create six large pieces to fill the previously bare corridor spaces around the ward. Artwork was developed around discussions with staff and patients who directed the themes of the work and the localities in which the artworks were made. There was a general consensus among patients towards the need to bring some of the outdoors into the ward, especially those patients who were spending a long duration in hospital. Patients spoke of wanting to see nature, to see a big horizon, trees, water and the sky. The Burns Centre does not feature any windows looking towards the outside. Staff and patients decided that Dominic should work with places which are familiar to people from Birmingham and via consultation a variety of locations were suggested including Clent Hills, the Lickeys and Sandwell Valley.

Staff pointed out that cooler colours were particularly appropriate for the Burns Centre, the artwork was developed in winter. In addition the six pieces were made with the Burns Centre walls in mind and made to a scale to allow people enter into the landscapes as they walk around the ward. A plaque accompanies each artwork to enable the viewer to discover each location.

I work with my own unique photographic process which allows me to capture landscapes on film as I walk through a landscape. As there is no digital manipulation, it takes many attempts to capture each image.

Light is very important to Dominic who will often return to a place numerous times in order to capture the perfect image. Although a photographic technique, each piece has the quality of painting which Dominic hopes enables the viewer to capture a sense of how feels to be out in the landscape. Dominic’s work has been installed in many hospital and health care settings and has been reported to be both calming and peaceful.

I hope it offers people a chance to escape a little, to dream and feel the beauty of nature. I also hope it may make some people realise what amazing landscapes they have almost on their own doorstep.