Be Reflective: Questions and Resources for Quality Arts & Health Work

Birmingham, Solihull & The Black Country Event, July 2013, See What Practitioners Had To Say!

The Arts and Health Quality Framework debate for Birmingham, Solihull and the Black Country kicked of with an event for Black Country based workers at Wolverhampton Art Gallery on 23 July. Hosted by our Artist Champions for these areas, this first event was a very hands-on approach to the question What does Quality in Arts and Health Practice mean?.

Jane and Mark started their session by asking the question What is quality in your arts in health practice? to which they had a varied response including: legacy, a standard that participants and 'general public' could be proud of, getting the right message across and feeling 'listened to'. To see the full list of responses to this question, click here.

Participants then took part in creative sessions working in performance, words and collage with Jane or 3-D with Mark to respond visually to the question What does Quality in Arts and Health Practice mean?. Below are some of the results generated from the workshops:

The main questions raised in the workshop and were in the minds of the participants as the workshop came to a close were:

Who is the Quality in Health Framework for?
How will the Quality Framework support, develop, nurture and inform artistic practice?

To read the full report from this event click here

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